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CCARCWA | W7FEL / Clallam County Amateur Radio Club
We are an amateur radio club in Clallam County, Washington.   Our 2 meter net is every Thursday at 7pm on 146.760 100Hz PL.  The monthly meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Port Angeles Fire Department in Port Angles.   See ( ) for the club web page. This reflector is to encourage two way email exchanges between members of the club, a club calendar, Photos, a files section, a database section to assist with club assets, and a WIKI that may be used for just about anything to do with training. Please come and join us for some Ham Radio fun!
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  • CCARCWA | Board / CCARC Officers and Board Members
    Club officers and board members.
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  • CCARCWA | Ellis / Ellis Peak Proposal
    Club and non-club members working on the Ellis Peak proposal.   This subgroup established to collect various emails and get them posted in one place for all to see.
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    Field Day Committee
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  • CCARCWA | FT8 / WSJT FT8 Discussion ( ) is a subgroup of the and discussion here should be limited to WSJT modes but primarily FT8. Email  to the address will only go to those club members assigned to the FT8 subgroup.
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  • CCARCWA | Gunderson
    Files, photos, messages, DNR filings, WWARA filings associated with the move of the Forks PD repeater to Gunderson Mountain.
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  • CCARCWA | Mesh
    Mesh data network including AREDN and WANHam
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    This group is for sending new content by email to the QTC newsletter
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